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Night Vision Goggles for Total Darkness 3” Large Viewing Screen 

Night vision binoculars are designed to enhance visibility in low-light or no-light conditions. BK-S80 can be used in both day and night. Colorful in day time, back&white in night time (darkness environment). Press the IR button to change daytime mode to nighttime mode automatically, press the IR twice and it will return to day mode again. 3 levels of brightness(IR) supports different ranges in darkness. Device can take photos, record videos and playback. The optical magnification can be up to 20 times, and the digital magnification can be up to 4 times. This product is the best auxiliary device for human visual extension in dark environments. It can also be used as a telescope in the daytime to observe objects several kilometers away.

It is important to note that the use of night vision goggles may be regulated or restricted in some countries, and it is essential to follow applicable laws and regulations.

Product Detail

Product Name Night Vision Binoculars
Optical Zoom 20 times
Digital Zoom 4 times
Visual Angle 1.8°- 68°
The lens diameter 30mm
Fixed focus lens Yes
Exit pupil distance 12.53mm
Aperture of lens F=1.6
Night visual range 500m
The sensor size 1/2.7
Resolution 4608x2592
Power 5W
IR wave length 850nm
Working voltage 4V-6V
Power supply 8*AA batteries/USB power
The USB output USB 2.0
Video output HDMI  jack
Storage medium TF card
Screen resolution 854 X 480
Size 210mm*161mm*63mm
Weight 0.9KG
Certificates CE, FCC, ROHS, Patent Protected
Night Vision Goggles for Total Darkness 3'' Large Viewing Screen -02 (1)
Night Vision Goggles for Total Darkness 3'' Large Viewing Screen -02 (3)
Night Vision Goggles for Total Darkness 3'' Large Viewing Screen -02 (4)
Night Vision Goggles for Total Darkness 3'' Large Viewing Screen -02 (5)
Night Vision Goggles for Total Darkness 3'' Large Viewing Screen -02 (2)


1. Military Operations: Night vision goggles are extensively used by military personnel for conducting operations in darkness. They provide enhanced situational awareness, enabling soldiers to navigate, detect threats, and engage targets more effectively.

2. Law Enforcement: Police and law enforcement agencies use night vision goggles to conduct surveillance, search for suspects, and carry out tactical operations during night-time or low-light situations. This helps officers to gather information and maintain an advantage in terms of visibility.

3. Search and Rescue: Night vision goggles assist in search and rescue missions, especially in remote areas and at night. They can help locate missing persons, navigate through difficult terrain, and improve overall rescue operations.

4. Wildlife Observation: Night vision goggles are used by wildlife researchers and enthusiasts to observe and study animals during nocturnal activities. This allows for non-intrusive observation, as animals are less likely to be disturbed by the presence of artificial light.

5. Surveillance and Security: Night vision goggles play a crucial role in surveillance and security operations. They enable security personnel to monitor areas with limited lighting conditions, identify potential threats, and monitor criminal activities more effectively.

6. Recreational Activities: Night vision goggles are also utilized in recreational activities like camping, hunting, and fishing. They provide better visibility and enhance safety during nighttime outdoor activities.

7. Medical: In certain medical procedures, such as ophthalmology and neurosurgery, night vision goggles are used to enhance visibility inside the human body during minimally invasive surgeries.

8. Aviation and Navigation: Pilots and aircrew use night vision goggles for nighttime flying, enabling them to see and navigate through dark skies and low-light conditions. They can also be used in maritime navigation for improved safety during night-time voyages.

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