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  • Exploring the unknown jungle world: introducing the latest 4g Lte Trail Camera

    With the rapid development of modern technology, hunting is no longer a lonely and silent activity. Now, with the latest 4g Lte Trail Camera , hunters can interact with the natural world like never before. These innovative cameras not only capture stunning images and videos, they also stream them...
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  • GPS Correlation with Cellular Hunting Cameras

    GPS Correlation with Cellular Hunting Cameras

    The GPS feature in cellular hunting camera can be relevant in a variety of scenarios. 1. Stolen Camera: GPS enables users to track the location of their cameras remotely and assist in recovering stolen cameras. However, it’s important for users to understand how to monitor the camera’...
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  • The Working Principle of a Golf Rangefinder

    Golf rangefinders  have revolutionized the game of golf by providing accurate distance measurements to players. The working principle of a golf rangefinder involves the use of advanced technology to accurately measure the distance from the golfer to a specific target. There are two main types of ...
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  • How to easily get a time-lapse video?

    A time-lapse video is a video technique where frames are captured at a slower rate than they are played back. This creates the illusion of time moving faster, allowing viewers to see changes that would normally happen gradually in a much shorter period of time. Time-lapse videos are often used to...
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  • Application of time-lapse video

    Some users don’t know how to use the time-lapse video function in the D3N infrared deer camera   and where it can be used. You only need to turn on this function in the D3N wild camera menu, and the camera will automatically shoot and generate a time-lapse video. Time-lapse videos have a wide ran...
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  • To All Consumers

    To All Consumers, Recent reports have shown that several consumers have purchased products bearing the “WELLTAR” brand or labeled with the WELLTAR model from the market. We want to clarify that our company has never sold any products under the WELLTAR brand or model. After conducting ...
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  • Why is D30 hunting camera so popular?

    The ROBOT D30 hunting camera introduced at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair in October has generated significant interest among customers, leading to an urgent demand for sample tests. This popularity can be attributed primarily to two exciting new features that set it apa...
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  • What is the best bird feeder camera on the market?

    What is the best bird feeder camera on the market?

    Do you like spending time watching birds in your backyard? If so, I believe you will love this new piece of technology --bird camera. The introduction of bird feeder cameras adds a new dimension to this hobby. By using a bird feeder camera, you can observe and document b...
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  • What are the differences between military and civilian thermal imaging cameras?

    What are the differences between military and civilian thermal imaging cameras?

    From the perspective of classification, night vision devices can be divided into two types: tube night vision devices (traditional night vision devices) and military infrared thermal imagers. We need to understand the difference between these two types of night vision de...
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  • SE5200 Solar Panel Review

    SE5200 Solar Panel Review

    Table of Contents Types of solar panels for camera traps Advantages of solar panel for camera traps In recent years I have tested various forms of power supplies for camera traps such as AA batteries of various types, external 6 or 12V batteries, 18650 li ion cells and s...
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