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8MP Digital Infrared Night Vision Binoculars with 3.0′ Large Screen Binoculars

BK-SX4 is a professional night vision binocular that can work in fully dark environment. It uses the starlight level sensor as image sensor. Under the moon light, user able to see some objects even without the IR. And the advantage is – up to 500m

when with the top IR level. Night vision binoculars have wide-ranging applications in military, law enforcement, research, and outdoor activities, where enhanced nighttime visibility is essential.

Product Detail

Product Name Night Vision Binoculars
Optical Zoom 20 times
Digital Zoom 4 times
Visual Angle 1.8°- 68°
The lens diameter 30mm
Fixed focus lens Yes
Exit pupil distance 12.53mm
Aperture of lens F=1.6
Night visual range 500m
The sensor size 1/2.7
Resolution 4608x2592
Power 5W
IR wave length 850nm
Working voltage 4V-6V
Power supply 8*AA batteries/USB power
The USB output USB 2.0
Video output HDMI  jack
Storage medium TF card
Screen resolution 854 X 480
Size 210mm*161mm*63mm
Weight 0.9KG
Certificates CE, FCC, ROHS, Patent Protected
night vision telescope SX4
welltar night vision binoculars


1. Surveillance and reconnaissance: Night vision binoculars allow military and law enforcement personnel to observe and gather intelligence during nighttime operations. They can be used for surveillance missions, border patrol, and search and rescue operations.

2. Target acquisition: Night vision binoculars help identify and track targets in low light conditions. They provide enhanced situational awareness, allowing troops to identify threats and coordinate their actions accordingly.

3. Navigation: Night vision binoculars enable soldiers and law enforcement officers to navigate through dark or dimly lit environments without relying solely on artificial lighting. This helps maintain stealth and reduce the risk of detection.

4. Search and Rescue: Night vision binoculars aid in search and rescue operations by improving visibility in low light environments. They can help locate individuals who may be lost or in distress.

5. Wildlife observation: Night vision binoculars are also used by wildlife researchers and enthusiasts. They allow for the observation of nocturnal animals without disturbing their habitats. This application helps in studying wildlife behavior and monitoring endangered species.

6. Outdoor activities: Night vision binoculars are used in various outdoor activities like camping, hunting, and wildlife photography. They provide an advantage in low light conditions and improve safety and visibility during these activities.

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