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1200 Yards Laser Golf Rangefinder with Slope 7X Magnification

The laser golf rangefinder is a portable device designed for golfers to accurately measure distances on the course. It uses advanced laser technology to provide precise measurements of various objects on the golf course, such as flagpoles, hazards or trees.

In addition to distance measurement, laser rangefinders offer other features such as slope compensation, which adjusts yardage based on the slope or elevation of the terrain. This feature is particularly useful when playing on a hilly or undulating course.

Product Detail


Measuring distance

 5~1200 Yards;



Field of view

 7 degree

Objective lens




Diameter of exit pupil


Laser type

 905nm, Level 1

Lens coating

 Fully multi-coated lens

Angle measurement range


Distance measurement accuracy



 Built-in lithium battery

Charging interface



 114 x 40 x 73 mm


Pin Point Accuracy / Ambient Slope Button / Vibration Confirm / Ergonomic Design / 7x Magnification / Flag Lock / Continuous Scan / Fully Multi-Coated Lens / Speed Measurement / Magnetic Mount

GR1200 hard shell case
1200 Yards Laser Golf Rangefinder with Slope 7X Magnification1


1.Hunting: Laser rangefinders are widely used by hunters to accurately measure the distance to a target. This helps hunters determine proper shot placement and select the correct ammunition for a successful hunt.

2.Archery: Archers use laser rangefinders to measure the distance between themselves and their targets. This helps the archer adjust his aim and select the correct bow settings, ensuring accurate shots

3.Surveying and Construction: Laser rangefinders are useful tools for surveyors and construction professionals. They can measure distances between different points on a construction site to accurately plan and layout structures.

4.Forestry: In forestry and natural resource management, laser rangefinders are used to measure the height and distance of trees. This information is critical for estimating wood volume, assessing forest health, and conducting ecological studies.

5.Outdoor leisure: The laser rangefinder can be used for various outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and mountain climbing. They can aid navigation, determine distances to landmarks or mountain peaks, and assist in search and rescue operations.

6.Military and Law Enforcement: Military personnel and law enforcement agencies utilize laser rangefinders for target acquisition, determining target range, and improving the accuracy of weapons systems.

7.Golf course management: In addition to golfers using rangefinders, course managers and groundskeepers also use laser rangefinders to measure distances for maintenance and improvements, including determining fairway lengths, measuring the size of bodies of water, and more.

These are just a few examples of the many applications for laser rangefinders. Whether for sports, outdoor activities, construction or other professional use, laser rangefinders provide accurate distance measurements to aid decision-making and improve performance.

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